Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review Spotlight - Keith Ramsbottom (Books I, II ) by Scott Pixello

If you are looking for a funny, clean read that is also FREE, then please take a look at:

Keith Ramsbottom (Episode I): Rebel Leader


My review:

Keith Ramsbottom (Episode I): Rebel Leader by Scott Pixello is a hilarious story about an eleven-year-old lad in Roman occupied Britain in 59 A.D. who, along with his friends is planning to overthrow the Roman Empire.

Keith (Rebel Leader) and his friends, Horace and Pulchritude live in a small village and are members of a secret rebel group - SORE. The group has regular meetings to go over the plans for removing the Roman occupation of their village. Oh, but the Romans find out about their secret meetings and their plans.

All of the characters in this wild and wacky tale are full of funny quirks and more hilarious hi-jinx. From Horace painting white graffiti on the white marble Roman monument (um, hardly noticeable to the Romans) as the first act of defiance to the kids refusing to learn Latin, the ultimate act of rebellion, the story has too many laugh-out-loud moments to recount. Will the Romans see the kids as a serious threat to the Empire? Well, read the book to find out.

As an educational tool, the story also weaves the reader through history and vocabulary lessons along the way, which makes it a great read for the middle/grammar school children (and adults as well).

Mr. Pixello has a unique sense of humor and I thoroughly enjoyed this first installment of the six ... in the trilogy ...

I would recommend this to all kids (and adults too) who need a good dose of laughter.

Keith Ramsbottom (Episode II): The Emperor Strikes Back

The second installment is not free, but well worth the price of admission:

My Review:

Keith Ramsbottom (Episode II): The Emperor Strikes Back by Scott Pixello is the second book in the series and one that will continue to have you laughing out loud through many of the chapters.

This second book starts right where the first one leaves off. Keith and his friends, Horace and Pulchritude are still members of SORE and still have meetings in their clubhouse until someone (Horace) burns it down by accident. No matter, after their clubhouse is gone, the kids meet up in different places to keep the Romans guessing.

Near the beginning of this continuing story, the governor Paulinus is suspicious of the kids and is keeping a close eye on them. But, Paulinus is being watched as well. The emperor is not happy with Paulinas and sends an envoy to monitor his government. When the envoy takes a keen interest in Pulchritude for his bride, Keith and Horace must do everything in their power to stop the wedding - including pretending to be gladiators. Hilarious moments ensue. Will the boys be able to save Pulchitrude from the envoy? Will the boys survive the gladiator games? Read it to find out - no spoilers here.

The wry humor and the play on words throughout kept me laughing all the way to the end of the book. Definitely glad that I purchased this second book and am looking forward to the next one in the series.

Keep on writing, Mr. Pixello, this series is wonderful and extremely entertaining!

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