Friday, April 17, 2015

Need Free or Cheap Book Promo Sites?

** Updated 4/23/2015 with new information

As indie authors, we all know how hard it is to find places besides Facebook and Google+ to market our books.  You can only post to social media so much before you start losing friends (and family sometimes, too).

The leaders in the book marketing arena (Book Bub and ENT) are expensive and have very strict rules on acceptance.  So what is an indie author to do?

Have no fear, there are other marketing outlets that have good returns for either a small payment or for free.

Below are five websites that I have used with notes on the results:

1. Buck Books - Free (but must join as an affiliate)

I ran a promotion with them back in February 2015 and was blown away by the results. I had over 80 purchases of my book, "Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats" on the day of their ad and had residual sales up to three days later.

They are free (at this time) and slots are filling up fast for their upcoming promotions.  I highly recommend them.

2.  Fussy Librarian - $5 to $17

I ran a promotion with them for $5.00 on my perma-free title, "Fade to Gray"  and received over 200 downloads.  The interesting thing was that my non-free book sales increased on this day as well. Definitely worth the small amount of money.

3. Genre Pulse - starting at $10

For $10, I ran a promotion on "Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats" and received 30 sales.  This was not great, but some other genres do better.  It is worth a try and will not break the bank.

4. Book of the Day - Free

For a free site, this one keeps your listing on-line indefinitely.  I submitted "Fade to Gray" to them several months ago and the listing is still searchable.  The downloads of the book picked up several hundred during the week that the book was featured.  I highly recommend them.

5. Read Cheaply - Free for a Limited Time

I just recently submitted a listing and have not heard back from them yet. However, their $15 and $25 package is free for a limited time, so they are worth a try.

Updated 4/23/2015 - Read Cheaply featured my latest e-book, a memoirette - "I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak on April 19th.  For a free promo, I received 20 purchases and 5 Kindle Unlimited units.  All in all, a good bump in sales for a free ad.  I recommend that you give them a try.

Hope these have been helpful and happy marketing to you!

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Release Today - I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak

Well, the wait is over.  Today my latest book has been released for purchase on Amazon.

I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Leaving High Tech for Greener Pastures is a collection of personal essays from the view of an I.T. Geek who leaves Corporate America and decides to live on a 15-acre "fixer-upper" farmstead. 

These non-fiction tales are from actual events on the farm. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry.  But, all of them will leave you entertained.


S.A. Molteni has spent over thirty years in the Information Technology field working for various Fortune 500 companies.

During those years, she and her husband had always dreamed of living on a farm once they became retired from the rat race. Once the author's father unexpectedly passes away and her husband moves over three thousand miles to live in another state, her life becomes subject to a complete overhaul to weed out what is working and what is not in her day to day existence.

In the midst of dealing with an elderly, newly widowed mother and in-laws who also have health challenges, she leaves Corporate America to find greener pastures on a "fixer upper" fifteen acre farm located on a long dirt road in a rural part of northern Florida.

This collection of essays follows the author in her sometimes humorous transition from "I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak" and depicts the lessons that are learned along the way once farm animals become a large part of her life.