Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Review Spotlight - Eve of the Beginning (Grimsley Hollow Book 2) by Nicole Storey


Grimsley Hollow: Eve of the Beginning by Nicole Storey is a wonderfully well-spun tale to be read along with the first book, The Chosen One. I read the The Chosen One a while back and also read Blind Sight by Ms. Storey. I am a huge fan of her work and will read anything that she publishes - her writing is that good!

Now to the review of this well-written and highly imaginative story ... Eve is a young witch, eleven years old to be exact. She is just coming into her own as a witch, but is also still a child. And being a child is a hindrance in that most of the townspeople and her parents will not listen to her when she senses that the newest witch (Inari) in town is up to no good.

Eve has all the issues that a human tween would have, but also carries the weight of the Grimsley Hollow world on her shoulders. Once the new witch, Inari proves to be the baddest apple in Opa, Eve must grow up fairly quickly if she is to save Grimsley Hollow from the clutches of this hateful and destructive witch. Eve must be brave and make contact with the only human that can help - Gage, the autistic child from the first book.

The characters in this story come alive in every page. Eve, the not-so-sure-of-herself witch and Puck the mischievous pixie are so well-developed and likable that the reader cannot help but love them both. The same for Inari - very well-developed as a character and so very easy to hate. Ms. Storey has such a great way of weaving a fascinating tale of a magical world that it makes the reader want to know every facet of the story and what happens next for Eve and Grimsley Hollow.

As I said in the beginning of this, I am a huge fan and will read anything that this particular author publishes. Eve of the Beginning has solidified that sentiment and I eagerly await to read more from this very talented and gifted author.