Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book Review Spotlight - #Catzap: Mission - Rescue the Cats of Earth

#Catzap: Mission - Rescue the Cats of Earth by Cynthia Port is a combination of science fiction and fantasy with a healthy dose of "Schrödinger's cat" thrown in for good measure.

The story begins with the cats of the Earth vanishing without a trace. The experts are at a loss as to why this is happening and cat lovers all over the world go to every extreme and spare no expense to save their beloved felines from the same fate. New inventions to keep the kitties safe come onto the scene every day, but offer no real protection.

Meanwhile, in a spaceship above planet Earth, a team of aliens is on their last mission to free the remaining cat from its imprisonment by humans. But, can they succeed in procuring the last cat on Earth and take him away from the home he loves? Herein lies the conflict and the sub-conflicts of this wonderfully crafted short story - one that will keep your interest from beginning to end and make you laugh quite a bit along the way.

As a short story writer myself, I know how difficult it is to write in this genre. Ms. Port has done an excellent job in delivering a complete story with fully developed characters and a plot that is uniquely different from most other science fiction I had read as of late.

Would definitely recommend this to those who like cats, science fiction and short stories.

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