Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Special Bull - FREE 2/28 & 3/1

A Special Bull is free on Amazon on 2/28 and 3/1.


All Alyssa wanted was to move to the country and help Jeff with raising farm animals on his small plot of land. Little did she know that this one desire would lead to an entirely "different" kind of life for her and for one special bull.


What others are saying:

No Bull, Good Short Story

Flash writing and singles have become an important piece of the literary industry. There are many short stories that are difficult to digest or enjoy. I found this short story to be a cut above the rest. I mean no bull, it is a well written easy flowing story that will keep you entertained and involved from the first page to the last. It is wonderful how the author has a grasp on everyday life and occurrences. The author expresses herself in a comfortable and wholesome way. The story is light, airy and meaningful. What else could you expect in a short story. The author has a unique style that makes you trust that her material is something you can cuddle up with. I give it 5 stars.

A Special Story

By Jada Ryker (Kentucky, USA) 
I love reading S. A. Molteni's work. Her latest offering, A Special Bull, is an excellent short story. I am from a remote, rural area in Kentucky. Ms. Molteni always takes me back there with her accurate descriptions:

"It was hard to sleep in the quietness of the country, or rather the loudness of it. The frogs and crickets serenaded one another during the entire night, only to quiet down when the hunting dogs started to howl near the light of dawn."

Ms. Molteni offers humor:

They were discussing different kinds of fertilizer and how cow crap gave tomatoes a different flavor than chicken crap. Alyssa wondered if it was all just horse crap, but kept that thought to herself.

The short story has lessons for the reader, whether a "city dweller" or a "country person." It's wonderful story, with laughs and tears and everything in between.

Truly Remarkable
Writing short stories is difficult because everything has to fit so neatly into a small number of pages but S. A. Molteni pulls it off with ease. This simple story, with it’s easy writing style makes it a great read. It tells the story of a remarkable transformation that saves the life of one Special Bull and helps mend the broken heart of a man left behind following the unexpected death of the woman he loved.

I heartily recommend this book.

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