Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Rejection Letter

Well, the first of the rejection letters has come in.

Below is from Glimmer Train, which was one of a list of many  publications that I  have sent submissions to:

Dear S.A.,
Thank you for submitting "A Special Bull". While we won't be publishing this piece, we appreciated the opportunity to read your work! Because we read so many stories, it is not possible for us to give specific feedback, but, if you're a relative beginner, you may find something of interest here ...

Glimmer Train Press Reference#: 422655

This publication is a a huge publisher of short stories and gets between 30,000 - 40,000 submissions per year.  It was really not a place that I held any hope in getting one of my fictional short stories published.  But, my thought was, "aim high if your are going to aim at all".

Although they are not publishing the story I submitted, I feel that I have gained something valuable from the experience.

They also offered a few links to helpful hints that I thought would be of interest to other new writers/authors:

The bottom line is, there will be more rejection letters than acceptance letters. Which is perfectly okay with me. I will continue to write and if I feel strongly enough about a story, will pursue self publishing.

On to the next chapter of  And So it Begins ... 

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