Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Jump

My next attempt at writing something to be viewed by the public was completed last week.  It was through a website called Indies Unlimited.

The beginning of the story was provided by the administrator of the website:

The prison was on an island with vicious impenetrable jungle on one side and on the other, a 200 foot cliff that stood above a savage surf. The inmates called it the Freedom Jump.

No one had ever escaped from the island, but that didn’t mean it was impossible to find freedom. Death is, after all, a kind of freedom.

Ramone had managed to tunnel below the walls of the main prison and had made his way to the Freedom Jump. But he had a plan that involved something other than death.
He had dreamed of making this jump for years and planned every minute detail.  Nearing the ledge, he felt something change in the core of his being as his heart fluttered and his stomach did somersaults.

Below is the entry that I submitted:

An ancient potion passed down from his grandmother was sure to work.  He had tried it on the cockroaches that were everyday visitors to his cell and it had transformed them to butterflies just like his grandmother had predicted.  

With a quick gulp from his flask, the honey flavored concoction burned as he swallowed it. He felt a warm fullness in his heart and with that, sprung from the ledge like an Olympic diver attempting to capture a gold medal.  

As he spread out his arms into the oncoming sea breeze, the transformation of his body started to overtake him.  Just a few feet from the rocks and to freedom, the change was complete. Beautiful wings in shades of blue, black and yellow appeared where he once had arms and hands. He furiously flapped with all of the strength he could muster. But, not able to break the law of gravity, Ramone crashed into the jagged-edged boulders that lined the beach.

“Ramone!  Dude, wake up!”  Julio shouted.
“Man, you’ve been sleeping on the floor for hours, we thought you were dead.” His brother continued.

 Ramone woke to the sweet taste of honey in his mouth and the familiar aroma of his grandma’s biscuits and gravy.  Now to determine how to eat with wings …

The Vote:

Came in a very strong third place.  Competition is fierce, but I will keep trying.  Thanks to everyone who voted for my story.

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