Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Dominator

My first attempt at writing something to be viewed by the public was completed last week.  It was through a website called Indies Unlimited.

The beginning of the story was provided by the administrator of the website:

On the ranch, there was one pasture we called the far-back. It was 260 acres of good grazing, but it was well away from the house. The far-back was over a little ridge and a devil to get to if the creek was up.  My grandfather was always worried about the wild horses getting in there with the cattle. He said they’d eat the forage and bring in disease. There was no arguing with him on the issue. He made a point of running them off whenever he found them there.

When I got older, he’d send me out there alone. The main problem by then had been the coyotes. We’d lost a lot of calves to those vermin. I always took the rifle, but never once managed to get off a clear shot. The coyotes were just a little too quick for me.

At age sixteen with little else but girls and coyotes on my mind, I’d long quit worrying about the handful of wild horses. One day, I saw a little foal out there. He just looked back at me without a trace of fear. I know it sounds strange, but I felt an instant liking for him. There was something about the way he carried himself. He didn’t take any guff off the other foals, and asserted himself at every opportunity. I called him Dominator.

I didn’t know it yet, but Dominator would be the key to solving our coyote problem. That horse was a warrior and absolutely hated coyotes.I guess you could say he saved the ranch.

The first day I saw him in action was the first day I thought I had a clear shot…
Below is the entry that I submitted:

Drawing nearer, my perfect shot was obstructed by a dark flash of fur. Before I could react, the coyote was on top of me. The rifle flew from my hands and all I could do was let out a horrific moan as I crashed to the ground.

The coyote attacked for what seemed like an eternity, first my arms then my legs. One final lunge for my jugular and I knew it was the end for me. I closed my eyes and hoped that my death would be quick and painless.

In that very instant, I felt the coyote get thrown off of me with such an incredible amount of force, I knew it had to be my grandfather coming to the rescue. I opened my eyes not to my grandfather, but to Dominator. He and the coyote landed with a heavy thud next to my rifle. I reached for the rifle and took aim. Mercilessly, the trigger jammed.

The coyote seemed to be winning this bout with Dominator and I could not bear to watch him get killed by this beast.

The gunshots that came next startled me. There was no mistaking the sound of my grandfather’s rifle. The coyote was lifeless on the ground, with Dominator standing above him. As my grandfather and I inched closer, we realized the coyote’s neck was broken.

Dominator had won the battle before the last shot was ever fired.

The Vote:

I ended up tied for third place.  Not bad for a first attempt.

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