Monday, September 7, 2015

Goodbye Summer

It seems that just yesterday, the temperatures were warming up for spring after a very mild winter here in Florida.  Summer went by way too fast this year, even though technically fall does not start until September 23rd.

Traditionally, in many parts of America the Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer.  The end of summer picnics, days at the beach or lake and the end of copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.
Time sure does fly when you are out and about and busy with life in general during the summer.

The things I will not miss about summer in Florida is the stifling heat and humidity, the daily torrential rain showers and most of all, the swarms of blood-sucking mosquitoes that laugh at the taste of DEET.

I will also not miss the necessity to mow the lawn at least every few days. Seriously, if the grass grows beyond a certain point, nature takes over and the battle is lost for any type of manicured lawn for the remainder of the hot months. Glad I have a tractor and a 72-inch finishing mower for my fifteen acres of pasture and lawn.

Not that I dislike summer in Florida, but there are places in the country that I would rather be, away from the heat, humidity, mosquitoes and lawn-mowing. 
That place would be the Pacific Northwest.  Unfortunately, the wildfires there this summer were of apocalyptic proportions and may not have brought the relief from the heat I might have been seeking this year.

Maybe next year <sigh>.

Autumn is just around the corner and I, for one, cannot wait for it to get here.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, not only for the cooler weather, but for the Halloween candy and the Thanksgiving dinner.

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