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FREE January 18 & 19 - Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats

Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats: Five Years on a Farm is the latest offering in my series of farm life short stories.

The Blurb:

S.A. Molteni is well loved for her essays on hobby farming and animal husbandry - from the pain of losing a cherished pet cow and calf during childbirth to the sweetness of spending Christmas Eve in a manger with two Jersey cow babies.

In this new collection of short stories, she poignantly and reflectively brings to the surface the highs and lows of living on a hobby farm and the deep connection that a farmer has to her animals.

From predatory hawk attacks on her beloved chickens, to a goat with an attitude, to bottle-feeding a calf, along with a fictional tale based on Chicken Little, the narratives give a condensed version of the best times and the worst times during her past five years on a hobby farm.

What others are saying:
5.0 out of 5 stars 
By brenda
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
"The thought of the sky falling seemed to be ludicrous at present and the least of her worries."

Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats: Five Years on a Farm is another endearing book filled with short stories by S.A. Molteni. The author has a down home comforting writing style that allows the reader to connect even if they have never lived this lifestyle. She brings you in with an open heart and genuine passion. Reading her stories is a great escape and a heart warming adventure.

I loved all the stories in the collection but I did get an extra fuzzy feeling from 'The Best Christmas Eve Ever'. Heartwarming and shares some precious moments in this family's life. The author manages to remind us that it is the simple things in life that are the most sacred.

These unusual, sometimes funny and at other times emotional stories are told from some unexpected voices. They are smart and precise. Each piece moved me and also brought a smile to my face.

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming Stories About Farm Animals January 14, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This collections of short stories is written from the author's experience of living on a hobby farm. The stories are heartwarming and will move you, a few like Chicken Little in Therapy will have you cracking a smile and a laugh.

The book give you get a glimpse into the author's life on the farm and her bond with the animals, The Best Christmas Eve Ever and Her Name was Half Calf shows her love of the animals.

If you're looking for stories that are wonderfully written and will touch your heart, this book is for you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Kitty Muse Book Reviews January 16, 2015
By K. Ree
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
It takes a lot to live on a farm. Life isn’t easy, and there are always surprises. Some of these are good, some not so good.
S.A Molteni has written a lovely combination of stories, both fictional “Chicken Little in Therapy”) and non-fictional (“The Best Christmas Ever”). Each one of them is different, and all are very entertaining.
We are introduced to wild and domestic animals alike, some funny and some heart-breaking.
Ms. Molteni has a wonderful way with words, and her offerings here were a joy to read.
4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed all of them January 14, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The stories in this collection were unexpected. I enjoyed all of them, especially the ones told from the perspective of the animals involved instead of humans. As a hobby farmer in Northern Florida myself, I can identify with the author's experiences.

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