Monday, October 27, 2014

He Said/She Said - Fiction Challenge

Jane Martin is an awesome writer and a wonderful blogger friend.  She has put a challenge out there this week which I have decided to partake in.

The link to her post is HERE.

Below is my entry into the challenge:

As you read this story, think about what is left unsaid.

He said, “You know I love you.”
She said, “Yes, I know, I love you, too.”
He said, “But, we have issues.”
She said, “Every couple that has been together as long as we have has issues.”
He said, “But our problems seem to be worse than most."
She said, “That's because you only see the negative things.”
He said, “And you only see the positive things.”
She said, “No, I see things realistically  - in a positive light.”
He said, “Why do you always have to correct what I say?”
She said, “Because your perception is way off sometimes.”
He said, “Whatever.  Can we just agree to disagree?”
She said, “Yes, dear …  I agree with you.”
He said, "Can you pass me the shovel? 
She said, "Sure.  Do you think the neighbors know?"
He said, "How could they know?  No one saw your uncle in our house."
She said, "Yes, true, everyone thinks he went to live in Mexico."
He said, “Now, what were we talking about?”
She said, “I don't even remember.  Are you done?”
He said,  "Yes, just let me cover the body with a little more dirt ..."

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  1. Others should go over to my blog and post their link in the InLinkz widget and then we'll know where to visit them.

    I got the impression here of a couple that has been happily bickering about the same stuff for years and will go on doing so. I would have ended the piece with She said, "I don't even remember. Are you done?" I thought that meant are you done with this silly argument. The last line threw me completely. See if you can lay in a bit of foreshadowing as to what they're doing earlier on again using just dialog. Whose body? Really good back-and-forth pacing, SA

    1. Thanks for the comments, Jayne. You are absolutely right, a bit of foreshadowing needs to be in this to explain what the couple is really doing here. Will work on it a bit.

    2. Added a little more. That's better. :-)

  2. ha-very surreal. typical conversation while performing an atypical task. At least I hope it's atypical